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Casey, You are a Doll, Is your middle name Heide by chance? What kind of Knoockerwurst do they serve in Germany anyway? Just all the main women have something going for them. All easy to look at, all some what funny and most with idiots. Casey seems to be the only likable woman on the show. Brandi has no respect for anyone.

On the other side, Barry is the the only male to watch on the show! What happened to Casey? Did she have a baby? She is still very beautiful, but I noticed she has put on quite a bit of weight.

Why hasCasey ben taken off of the shows. She is the only reason Iwatched storage wars! VERY poor Marketing! Your email address will not be published. As ofshe is around 46 years old. Casey was born on September 6, Growing up as the only girl in her sporty family, she was a talented cheerleader in high school.

She also worked as a baby sitter prior to her marriage for close friends. She is the wife of Rene Nezhoda, her Storage Wars co-star is most well-known for his thick German accent. However, she professed it was an honor to make it to the top 5 out of the people who auditioned.By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Similarly, he is Austrian by nationality and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. His father was an actor who had emigrated from Germany to the USA in He grew up with his brother Ricky Nezhoda. Moving towards his educational background, in Rene completed his graduation from Las Vegas High School. They have been married since There is no further information regarding their first meeting.

His wife Casey is very supportive of the decisions made by him. The pair is blessed with a beautiful daughter together, Tatiana Nezhoda. As of now, the couple is living a happy life together with their child and there are no news or report of their conflict or divorce.

In fact, the duo has appeared on the fourth season of Storage Wars as a recurring guest. He also runs a square feet business in California. He began buying and selling antiques when he was Also, he has a great deal of the value of second-hand items, having in the thrift store business almost his entire life and also the part of the show Storage Wars since the fourth season although the production tried to get them from the beginning.

He has a large around sq ft Bargain Hunter Thrift Store that is home to the envious stock of collectibles and antiques in PowayCalifornia. Also, Nezhoda has an online store to enable buyers purchase products from anywhere in the world. A post shared by rene nezhoda rbargainhunters on Oct 24, at pm PDT. Nezhoda has an encyclopedic knowledge of the second-hand items, collectibles, and antiques.

His salary is still under review. Top headlines :. He is widely known for his German accent and the vast knowledge of antiques, collectibles and pretty much anything.

The Untold Secrets of Brandi From Storage Wars

Height : Similarly, he stands at an average height, but his exact body measurement is not known. Eyes Color : Likewise, he has an attractive dark brown eye color which describes as peaceful and calm personality. Hair Color : His hair color is light brown. Rene Nezhoda with his wife Casey Nezhoda As of now, the couple is living a happy life together with their child and there are no news or report of their conflict or divorce.

View this post on Instagram. Subscribe for more! Get the latest content right in your inbox. More Biography.Making its TV debut in December ofit became evident from the start that this show was going to be a massive hit.

Rene Nezhoda’s Biography With Age, Height, Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Father

The show hit its prime during the earlier seasons and a lot of that had to do with the cast. Once the likes of Barry left the show, it was downhill.

storage wars rene wife casey instagram

We can assume in this photo that Brandi and her friend had quite the night. Clearly, she enjoyed a night out and suffered from serious exhaustion once it came to end. Anyways, who took this pic, was it Jarrod?

During her time on the program, she also grew close to a number of the Storage Wars hunters including Brandi and Jarrod. Brandi felt bold on this night, rocking a cowboy hat, though truthfully everyone else kept talking about how great she looked. The Storage Wars personality might be forgotten about given that her time on the show was rather brief. She seems to be in a different place nowadays. Shana is a proud mother recently welcoming a child to the world.

In truth, the vault is quite the find and a really expensive one at that. Luckily for the couple, it also looks to be in mint condition with just a few spots that need to be touched up. Without a doubt, Brandi has to be the most sought after reality star on the show.

A lot of that has to do with her charming girl next door attributes. Typically, reality stars on the same show grow close to one another. This leads to a friendship outside of the show.

storage wars rene wife casey instagram

Now Laura and Dan had some troubling relationships in the past, who can forget Dave Hester fist fighting Dan in a rare behind the scenes moment. Even Laura got herself involved!

The pic above shows us the complete opposite as the two couples enjoy a night out. Maintaining such a look throughout the years takes a lot of work. During the shooting of Storage Wars, she was forced to change area codes riding around with the cast. Brandi loves to take family trips, as evidenced by the picture above. She has a near K followers via platforms like IG and can we can understand why given her unique personality.

Rene posted a video to YouTube, he was irate with what went down. Nabila took part during the earlier seasons on the show. One solid unit can lead to a retirement fund, just ask Nabila.

The photo above looks like a bit of a mismatch. In the past, fans have posted a slew of photos — most notably, those pics feature Brandi and some of her best outfits on the show. This particular outfit seems to be a reoccurring one online, quite clearly fans love white and the way that it looks on the Storage Wars star. Yup, Maria has some serious swag in the picture above rocking a lovely summer outfit. Casey and Rene remain active today. The cast shows some true swagger in the picture above.

Truthfully, Brandi steals all of the attention given her wardrobe choice — yup, she selected a see-through shirt, that Jarrod fellow is one lucky dude. By Lance Smith Jul 05, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Related Topics Celebrity.He and his family are a very decent family. He is honest and sincere, he loves his wife, daughter, and other family members also what he does. I would love to get an autographed picture of him for my sister Pam and I have to get a shirt.

My sister has been through a lot and she is very happy watching him and his videos. Rene seems nice enough but he comes across as a read putz. Rene and Casey are a great couple,miss seeing you on the show Casey. I live in Canada and really enjoy the show.

I like this guy, he is a jolly fun loving guy. He is never nasty to others even when they are nasty to him. I like Rene very much… The most likable guy on the show my opinionnot cocky, not obnoxious like most of the other guys! Your email address will not be published. As ofhe is around 43 years old. He finished his graduation from Las Vegas High School in His mother is Johanna Meyer and he also has a brother Ricky Nezhoda. He has settled in San Diego, California, according to his profile on the channel.

The couple and their daughter regularly attend church and Casey has discussed their religion through her social media account. Rene is an author, reality television show contestant and the owner of a square feet business in California. Even though Rene and Casey started appearing in the show Storage Wars from the Fourth Season, the show producers have been trying to get them since the First Season. Rene is quite knowledgeable about the value of second-hand items as he has a lot of experience in the thrift store business almost all his life.

He has been in the business of antiques and collectibles since he was 11 years old. It is said that his mind is like an encyclopedia of second-hand items.

Since the couple became famous, their store has become a tourist attraction with fans meeting them for a picture and to shop at their store. On his social media profile, Rene mentions that he has a wonderful family and cites that his partner Casey is very supportive.

He claims to work or hang with his family members. Nezhoda claims that his business is buying storage units from people in need of money to pay their bills and liquidate estates and companies. Denise socha Aug 31, at am. God bless you Rene, Casey, your daughter!

Liza Oct 31, at pm. I like Rene. He deserves a wife like Casey. Roberta Kirby Oct 3, at pm. Carol Jefferson Dec 10, at pm. Margaret FLeming Nov 7, at pm. Connie Bowers Oct 7, at am. Renate Oct 2, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.One of our favorite couples on the show used to be Rene and Casey Nezhodabut starting inthe mother of one no longer appeared on the program regularly, inciting divorce rumors. We were thrilled to discover that the duo is still married and has successfully transitioned from TV to YouTube.

Before the coronavirus shut down television and film production, the pair revealed that they were working on a secret project. And this year will be super exciting so make sure to stay tuned to new fun things to come," the shop owners wrote on Instagram in January, adding the hashtag " newadventures.

In a video on their YouTube channel, Rene and Casey explained that a thief, or multiple thieves, entered the shop by smashing through the glass front doors at around 4 a. The duo was out of town at the time.

Casey Nezhoda age, feet, net worth, divorce, storage wars, hot, 2016, rene

At the time, Rene seemed convinced that the perpetrator was looking for drug money. The reality star admitted that he would if he could. The scumbag is always broke," he said in the video. Their girlfriend always leaves them. They usually have child support or vice versa… They never have any money. They always end up in jail. Rene then offered a word of warning to those who might want to rob him in the future.It's a fascinating testosterone-driven California world, where the girls tend to be busty and the men wear wife beaters, have tattoos and often sport beer bellies.

The saga of guys and a few girls bidding to buy storage lockers on which the rent has not been paid was an immediate hit. And it spawned a reality TV franchise and made reality stars and millionaires out of its main cast. The main wife-beater guy, the swaggering Darrell Sheets, was "The Gambler".

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He was after the big bucks. Quirky, quip-a-minute Barry Weiss was "The Collector". And the soon-to-be-troublemaker Dave Hester was dubbed "The Mogul". Hester went very public with accusations that the show was staged and a fake.

storage wars rene wife casey instagram

Whatever it is, Storage Wars is certainly a strange world of cash-only auctions in which hopefuls buy the contents of abandoned storage lockers, sometimes virtually sight unseen. No, it's not for the fainthearted. And we can assure you that they are more than just hot babes.

The loved up, but bickering duo were on the show from the very beginning and won over a firm fanbase. Jarrod was and is a bit of a bubba. And Brandi? She's more the stacked-girl-next-door, with just a hint of trailer park, type. But with a bit of fame comes a bit of hassle. And guess what?

And she got her legal costs paid. Thanks for nothing, judge. She and Brandi are real life best friends. Mary's a Texas girl with a giggly laugh and a creative soul. Her store, Mary's Finds, is a treasure trove of stuff she's rescued while on the show.

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In her hand, her rescues go from trash to cash. Does she care? She may be only 5 feet and a bit, but she stands tall and holds her own with the macho likes of Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester. She is sassy and hot, with just a touch of Texas swag. She is, as her catchphrase implies, a "Razzle Dazzle" girl that just about everybody loves.

Jenny Grumbles, the tall and leggy blonde with the winning smile and the Texas swag, was a kind of upmarket Brandi Passante. It was the kind of place where you might spot the gold-Amex-wielding, affluent Dallas ladies who lunch. They were a strange pair. The petite brunette and the tall, leggy blonde.Home About Contact Advertise.

Casey Nezhoda age, feet, net worth, divorce, storage wars, hot,rene. Her real name is Casey Nezhoda.

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Her famous role was of Storage Wars. We do not know her Educational Qualifications. School she went is Not Known. College she went is Not Known. Her birth place is United States. Her hometown is United States. She follows Christianity as her religion. Her age is 43 years and her Date of birth is 6th September She made Her debut with Celebrity Storage. Her Hobbies are not known. Her Salary is Not Known. Her Net Worth is Not Known.

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